The Mesquite Signature Board - One Pistachio Strip

The Mesquite Signature Board - One Pistachio Strip

This is the same as our Multi-Use Pistachio/Mesquite Board - with the exception of a single strip of pistachio wood running up the center and the remainder is mesquite. Both the pistachio and the mesquite are foraged locally from a culled orchard and green waste - both are AZ hardwoods - both are sealed in organic walnut oil (no toxic chemicals of any kind) - both are routered on the top side to catch juices/spills from all those yummies you are serving and/or meat juices.

This board is about 2 lbs lighter than its sister board simply due to less pistachio used and the pistachio is quite dense/heavy.

This board was also carefully sourced from selected wood to create a board that would highly the highly expressive woods but also create ann intensely durable product. All boards will vary in color, grain and general characteristics.

This board is our signature board; everything we love about foraged wood (taking care of what nature has provided), using not mis-using what is considered "off-cuts" and is "throw-away" wood. This sourcing practice combined with the elements we love - routered on the top and the sides to increase its use, bonded mixed species for strength and complimentary characteristics, size for a wide variety of uses creates a one-of-a-kind board.

Dimensions: 16" x 12" x 1.25"