The Nutty Shaker (Salt & Pepper Shaker All In One)

The Nutty Shaker (Salt & Pepper Shaker All In One)

Reclaimed AZ pistachio wood, handcrafted into a variety of sizes of salt and pepper shaker's. This one is an "all-in-one". Simply put your finger over the top of the side you don't want while the other side releases the salt or the pepper OR give it a shake and both the salt and the pepper exit the shaker simultaneously. 

Pistachio wood is a hardwood with a variety of characteristics such as a graft line, color variations of red, black, green, yellow, brown, bark indentations, worm holes, and more. Pistachio wood is also a rare wood, making it very difficult to obtain. There are no colored stains of any kind - just the wood.

Double sunk on the bottoms and sealed with a removable cork in each the salt and the pepper holes; easy in and easy out but stays put when you need it to do so.

We were able to source our pistachio from an orchard that was no longer producing the valued nuts and was torn out for disposal. Sealed in a food safe finishing oil. If you like unique, one-of-a-kind pieces, you will love these naturally beautiful and functional shaker's. Sizes will vary. Also offered in 4", 5", 6" +

Customization can include sizing, as well as, wood species; mesquite, oak, eucalyptus, ash, etc.