The Pistachio Signature Board - Multi-Stripped

The Pistachio Signature Board - Multi-Stripped

Handcrafted multi-purpose wood board. Great for cutting bread/meats/cheeses and serving them as well. This board has incredible WOW factor. We have carefully foraged AZ pistachio hardwood and AZ mesquite hardwood (harder than oak) and bonded these two species in strips - creating a superman strong board. 

The pistachio was sourced from a culled pistachio orchard and the mesquite was sourced from green waste. They come together to create an incredibly durable, yet naturally expressive board. Further, we've deeply routered the top of the board to capture liquid's and/or meat juice's, as well as, routed 2 ends of the board for ease of lifting and moving the board. This baby weighs in at about alb (will vary) due to the density of these two woods - especially the very rare pistachio.

This board is our signature board; everything we love about foraged wood (taking care of what nature has provided), using not mis-using what is considered "off-cuts" and is "throw-away" wood. This sourcing practice combined with the elements we love - routered on the top and the sides to increase its use, bonded mixed species for strength and complimentary characteristics, size for a wide variety of uses creates a one-of-a-kind board.

Dimensions: 16" x 12" x 1.25"

You will have a unique board that is creative, naturally beautiful, and durable. We sealed this baby with organic walnut oil - there are no stains nor toxic chemicals. Cheers!

These's wood's have wild variations in colors, grains, and general characteristics. No two boards are the same.